# A passionate adventure in Havana

I was lost again, and it didn’t matter, day one, you have to continue Edmond, make everyday two, you’ve only got 5. Not my typical adventure, so different than being able to say 3 months, I've got the time...

# The internal journey of Peyote

I had been warned by many tattooers that when you do Peyote you have to confront all your demons at once, I was terrified of what was coming, I had paid $300 dollars months in advance to arrange a Peyote spirit walk and as I drove east from Tucson, deep into the Arizona desert...

# The Jordanian Affair

Due to insane circumstances I found myself tangled with Jordainian Gangsters holding my possessions for ransom, and my ability to continue traveling completely at risk...

# Forty plus things you shouldn't leave at home for long term travel

A villain's supplies for extended trips on the road.

# ​​The Danny Archer Hustle​

Using your wits and small pieces of paper sometimes can turn the tide and keep you out of the wicked paws of the authorities...

# The Eagles Claw Technique Immigration Hustle

It's always a nerve-wracking thing, customs and immigration. Personally, just the thought of being turned away for having equipment that could be considered the “intent to work” and having to buy a same day plane ticket and drain all your funds is enough to go to extreme measures. I first developed my skills when arriving in Mexico immediately after they everyone hardened their passport entry requirements...

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