The Dragon rears its head

  Nov 4, 2016   Edmond

Location: North Pacific Ocean, South of Yukon Territory

Its doesn’t matter how many red bulls you drink or valium you take, or xanax you blast you still cant stay sleeping when you are kicking. They call it that because you literally have restless leg syndrome until your body stops needing the drugs anymore. Then the sweats start and they’re awful, you’re hot then cold, then fucking hot, then freezing like your dying. Fucking cunts, why didn’t I just order more!?!?!?!? All drug traffic is done safely on the Internet now and in 1-6 days you can have anything from a kilo of cocaine to home pressed pills of your choosing. The government and pharmacies have been taken out of the equation. So as the world dies from opioid addiction: good riddance, more corn and water for us.

I’m going to complain about the rats nest of cords that took me all of 5 minutes to unravel so I could write this and that the charger for my macbook wouldn’t reach the end of the bed. That of course was a horrible tragedy and I nearly screamed bloody murder over it. All this while the sun sets over the Straight of Juan De Fuca and ill I can care about are the bloody cords the don’t reach far enough because they’re only two outlets in my room. I haven’t eaten all day, and I can feel the calories drain from my body. I don’t care, I just want to enjoy something any fucking thing, I can barely type at the moment I find it difficult to summon the strength.

Some Nuvigil and some scotch later and I'm feeling much better, typing anyway. Nothing like some Glendronach to fix the worlds problems. The doctors say I got to slow it down or its gonna kill me, every one says rewind, everyone holds onto life like its some things that repeats forever. Fast forward I say, like a VHS tape till the celluloid falls off the wheels.

We’ve passed the Straight of Juan de Fuca and the seas are fucking starting to get nasty, its interesting chasing my laptop trying to typing this fucker as it slides back and forth.

My best friend Tommy told me all I do is make excuses to use dope, and maybe he’s right and the only one to shoot me straight. The me on dope though, that me can do ten times what whatever the other half of me could. And fuck that me, fuck him until he fucking dies.

Last Land i will see for weeks.

End of day one. enough with the bitching.

Love and respect as always