The Dragon thieves and the loss of hope

  Nov 14, 2016   Edmond

Location: Middle North Pacific Ocean

16 days on the Almaviva, nothing but ocean for what seems like years. The clocks go back one hour each day. We slipped through Alaska without me even knowing. Currently we now approach the straight between Russia and Japan and will stop in Russia for as a mandatory stop. From what I understand the russians are pretty tough on everyone, pulling everyone out of bed at 2am checking passports and photos against everything. Im a little unnerved by it honestly.

The seas were angry for most of the first 15, ranging from 3-8.5 meter seas. Two whole days of being rocked from the starboard side was a horrible cunt to sleep with, all you could hear all night was shit sliding back and worth while your muscles kicked in to hold you in position every 30 seconds or so and keeping you awake.

Rough seas conveniently organizing all my things.

The Storm approaches.

Note how much the ship is pitching here, the seas here were easy compared to the 8.5 meter seas (27 feet)

The dope has warn off, but not the depression, as we grow closer to land I can feel that fire burning, that fire of discovery again. I may spontaneously combust the minute I hit Hong Kong.

The sea is a strange place where I’ve confronted my demons, sadness and insecurities as this ocean surrounds us. I’ve been bored to the point of just not getting out of bed all day. But also on the one or two times the skies have cleared been able to see sunsets that have given me inspiration and new energy.

Nothing works out here, the magnetic poles and the metal of the ship make my compass tell me everything wrong, pointed straight at the sun and it saying north and the like.

I haven’t been able to email or communicate with anyone yet back home, and that pains me horribly. Today though, my hero Cadet Oliver is going to help me send what ive written to my family and friends. And once in Russia I will have access to internet again for at least a little while, at least I can hope.