Drug withdrawals, the Mother City, the lady of Cape Town

  Jan 7, 2017   Edmond

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

I got the post card view of Cape Town on our decent into the city. I was happy to be back in Africa, but also sad I had so much left to do in India. But then again, fucking Africa.

I landed, raced to the front of the immigration line and told the man I had an overstay fine, he looked at me like I was a bit mad. I was ushered into the back offices and told to wait. From previous experience with South African home affairs I knew it could be forever and a day before anything would happen, the last time I was in this position with South African immigration it was 4-5 hours and nearly getting put on a plane and kicked out of the country. To my surprise I was taken to a back office after only about two minutes, filled out some paperwork and in under a half hour was taken to the front of the line

and had luggage in hand ready to go through customs. I marched through like I owned the place, even dropped a head nod to the search agents arrogant cocky bastard that I am. The doors opened and within seconds I could see my dear old friend waiting for me right of the middle.

I was adopted by the most fantastic Afrikaans family my first visit to Cape Town after being kicked out of the house I was staying at for bringing a girl home. I pretty much inherited a family of 5 that treated me like I was one of their own, and each time I arrive in town I have a room, food and love waiting for me like I never left. It was no different this time round Alex greeted with a “ey bud!” and a hug. I gleefully exclaimed: “Fuck man it is so great to see you brother.” I grabbed a few redbulls to counteract the downers and pounded them on the way to the car park.

Alex and the family were living check-to-check last time I was round. This time he picked me up in a Mercedes Roadster, when I saw it I just said so the business is good aye!? He just kind of laughed as we sped out of the lot and started blasting through the streets, past the settlements and into the suburbs of Cape Town in the shadow of Table Mountain. It felt like home, this was my third return to the Mother City and fucking hell I had missed it.

I text my former boss on the ride home to let her know I wanted to have drinks before she left on the 5th for London. When Alex and I arrived the whole damn family was there waiting for me. Big hugs spread all around, my little sister Kelli Ann got a little teary, Annette the “mother” gave me the “long lost son” hug. The boys Desmond and Chad gave me hugs too, something not too common in the Dutch-Afrikaans culture. Beers were cracked and in proper fashion a wood fire was started and the Braai (barbeque) had begun. We sat around in the back garden and just talked and caught up for hours while meat cooked and beer turned to whiskey while the smell of the smoke, the hot air and breeze of Cape Town gave me this rush of old memories.

Desmond preparing the braai for my first time back in over 2 years.

They set me up in the same room and that night I got a good long sleep. The whole family rises early, something I had forgotten and we immediately made a plan to shoot to the mall for things I needed, power adapters and some supplies to tattoo family and friends at the house before we would blast off to Namibia. It was Sunday and I was still popping pills to stay on game. Then back at the house Annette started in on a big Sunday dinner and all of a sudden it was like I had just woke from a three year coma and we were all right on rhythm. We watched films that night on their projector and it was just so fucking good to be with such great friends.

Monday came and I ran out of opioid based painkillers and just lost all energy and laid up for 4 days in withdrawal, watching movies as the weather changed hour by hour, there are 4 seasons in everyday in Cape Town, that’s the saying. I wasn’t on the opioid shit long, but long enough to have the life drain out of me, I’m sure it was half the pain killers and half the ass kicking month of mad travel I had just had put myself through. I was spent, I slept most of each day and still went to bed at ten. That lasted until Thursday when I said to Alex, this is my last day on the couch, tomorrow I’m back to being Edmond. I needed to suck it the fuck up, I had a girl in Cape Town with whom I had history, that I really wanted to see.

Friday came, I did yoga, pounded a red bull and took enough valium to prop me upright then I took an Uber into town, where I met Molly for cocktails, Molly is a journalist; she’s pretty and sharp, sharp as razors really, one of the most interesting and intelligent women I have ever met. I love hanging out with her because she is so far from typical, a little dangerous, a little guarded, a nihilist but always a lady, just one that doesn’t give a fuck and has this way of never really revealing the way she feels. Which makes the game so different than the average woman. In other words, she keeps me on my toes, which is no small feat.

We hit the bottle pretty hard at a little hipster bar on Bree Street downtown Cape Town, I was drinking martinis and she was having gin and tonics. We drank until neither of us would shut up or stop smiling. We were both happy to see each other and the alcohol had me feeling like a million bucks, banging the rust off the receptors in my brains. The sun was still out and the night was super young, so with sunglasses and a buzz on we took a little stroll down the so familiar Long Street where I used to work. We walked arm in arm, silently communicating that there was a spark still there. I was so happy that it was. We called an Uber and as we waited she dove in for a kiss, which electrified my body, I love it when a woman takes control like that, just enough of a tease to keep my hands on her the rest of the night in one way or the other. We made our way to hit the bottle store for some wine and headed to a little soirée at her friends place. Her friends didn’t disappoint either, there were screen writers and animators and all kinds of interesting people at the party, and plenty of comic book nerds to have fun debating the new Jonathan Kent or whatever it was at the moment that was causing controversy in the marvel universe or how bad DC had fucked themselves yet again. It was good fun, we drank and laughed and I made new friends, all to Molly's delight I'm sure.

Once our bottle of my favorite Pinotage was drained, Molly and two of her friends split an Uber, i was unsure what was to happen to me but when we stopped at her place she took my hand to join her in her apartment.

She was in the same apartment as she was last I was round, again felt like I just got out of my coma and fuck was it good to be piss drunk in what felt like Deja-Vu from the last time I visited her home. I took my shoes off in the exact same spot as i did the first time, as she led me to the bedroom kissing me the whole way. What followed was a wild evening of pretty dramatic sex, she is a sex columnist for a major magazine and certainly doesn’t disappoint. She’s a tiny little thing and is heavily tattooed. I spent most of the evening with my head between her thighs, living up to a promise I had made via text months before I arrived to play the “how many times can we make Molly cum” game. It was strange to have a girl that was even remotely familiar; it had been forever, which made it a lot more fun. My last girlfriend only lasted 2 months in Maui, until she had to leave to return to Israel, but Molly felt more comfortable, more free and open and electric, even after not seeing her for nearly three years. The evening ended pretty uniquely. Both of us are fluent in Jiu Jitsu and while she wore this super short sexy Japanese robe and no underwear we play fought for a while. She kept saying how hot it was, I think, mostly because I roll with some pretty ruthless and cruel moves. Moves like covering her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breathe; that certainly turned her on. When it came time to sleep, we agreed to sleep alone and I took an Uber home and before 01:00 was facedown in my own bed. What a night. I was wondering if i would see her again before I left Africa in the 3 short weeks i had left as i drifted away into a very satisfied sleep.