Lower still into the abyss

  Nov 20, 2016   Edmond

Location: Near Russia, Sea of Japan

Signs of life somewhere in the middle of the great Pacific.

Most days at sea, this was the scenery, gray with the Sun hiding somewhere behind it all.

Currently I am awaiting room inspection before we enter Russian waters, which will happen sometime in the night. We are expected to land in port sometime around 8 in the morning, at which time I understand the Russians will board and give us all through inspections of room and identity.

We are going to be in port for 3 days and it is my deep hope that ill be able to tattoo at least a few of the crew but have a feeling it will have to be a bit secretive. My hands are starting to forget how to do the craft, which is the strangest and horrible feeling.

The wind is high today, the crests of the waves blow harsh and white at their caps, I watched a bird struggle in the wind near the water for most of my morning run on the treadmill. Seeing that bird gave me hope, land had to be near. I find my head is starting to clear and my energy is returning. Although the winds are high, the sun is strong and clear and has been all day, we have headed far enough south that my room warms and its not as difficult to get out of bed. With the clear sky Im going to look again for the elusive green flash at sunset, so far I can see no clouds on the horizon.

For the first time in my life, I witnessed the green flash with this sunset, like an atom bomb set off by the Green Fairy herself.

I heard from my father via email, whom as always, gave me hope and reminded me of my opportunities for elation. How quickly I forgot all that I learned from reading about Ulysses and his adventures. As usual he is my hero. I started to count my blessings after his message and cant wait to speak to him once I get my sim card from the Bosun.

As of tomorrow ill have ten more days onboard the Almaviva, and this freighter adventure will close and as soon as I place foot on land im sure I will certainly recognize all that I gained crossing this great ocean, and certainly all that I should have been able to create or finish while lingering staring out at that endless ocean. Ive been without any kind of stimulants (caffeine included) for at least a week, so that certainly doesn’t help.

That night oliver joined me to share in my Glendronach scotch and we talked for about 2 hours and it was like someone injected me with the venom of the devil. I got a bit tipsy and we had a great time talking. Oliver was born half English half French, and he has the world in his crosshairs, like I once did. He’s 24 and has so much to look forward to. He is aiming to be a cruise ship captain and could have anything earth can offer him. I envy him and don’t at the same time. My line is the only one I could ever walk. I cant change it, and I wont, no matter the consequences.