Mother City Blues

  Jan 22, 2017   Edmond

Location: Cape Town

It was Friday, and the day would be full, I woke early and took another run, showered and made my way to change some money in town, and buy new headphones since I had lost my precious HMA super earbuds somewhere in the Kagalagadi park. I hadn’t slept too good the night before so I took a provigil and a few valium and a tea to set me up for the day and bam, I was back in action.

I looked furiously for a jumper at the malls on either side of the city to make up for the difference in temperature from Namibia to Cape Town, with no joy, the closest they had was long sleeve t-shirts as summer was in full effect, or so they kept telling me while I shook like I was having alcohol withdrawals from the cold. I returned home, ran again, ate and went straight to sleep, that was pretty much my entire Friday.

Saturday I woke up and knew it would be my day. It was about 0700 when I woke, I did yoga, ran, slightly pulled a muscle in my calf and had to spend the next hour afterward stretching it out. It would be my first day back tattooing at a shop in Cape Town and I was so excited to be working again with my mate Rico. I got to the shop early after a short Uber drive and set up my station, I was warned numerous times it was slow and not to expect much, but even before we had officially opened I had someone in my chair and it was back to the old action. My first tattoo was a little single line anchor and it went on from there. I even got to do the out line of table mountain, a staple for the tattooing in Cape Town, if I could land an Africa outline in the coming week, my typical Africa tattoos would be complete.

The guys at the shop were all great, they treated me kindly and I was overjoyed to get along with everyone. The vibe in the shop was super chill and everything just kind of worked. Hip hop played all day, the good shit, the old shit. And everyone was in a great mood. By the end of the day I had done about 5 or 6 walk-ins and left with 1600 rand.

When I couldn’t raise Molly after work, i was disappointed figuring she was canceling again and I went home slept, woke up late for our date to a text and took another Uber to pick her up back in town. We then headed to her friends house where we watched a horrible film (On purpose) and played drinking games according to what appeared in the film. Molly sat next to me, and she was far sexier than before, as that happens, as you get to know someone better, they get sexier, or absence, makes the heart grow fonder and all that. Especially when they're smarter than me, like she is, something I have rarely been able to experience. And that is the awful truth of being a traveling villain. The girl of your adorations sits right next to you, cuddling closely, hands gripping you tightly, affectionately kissing you in front of her friends and the more you like her the more you realize you have 14 days left on that continent. I was consciously about to break my own heart, and as i thought that thought i willingly accepted my fate and said to myself, better to have this time with her than none at all.

After the film we went to a bar on front street, I treated the gals to cocktails and we danced, she forced me to make out with one of her friends, Molly joined and it was tongue dancing 3 at a time and the night went from average to wild, as I learned at least half of her friends were bisexual or polyamorous. Once back at Molly’s, I had enough speed and Valium in me to give her the special Edmond treatment. I made her cum so hard that I thought I was gonna suffocate between her legs, legs so strong, due to the jiu jitsu which turned into me doing blood chokes on her neck that made her cum like an acrobat, paractically doing flips on the bed as she came, then I topped her off with a foot massage and which melted her to butter. Then realizing it was late and against our style, I stayed over and with a kiss goodbye, snuck out about 730. I would have given anything to have brought her breakfast and just talked with her for a couple hours before getting out of bed. Every encounter I was starting to get concerned that it may be our last.

I had a date with my Kelli Ann, my South African little sister to climb lions head, the famous hill across from table mountain so we could get some quality time together, she had pretty much been locked in her room with her new boyfriend since I had arrived and wasn’t on very good terms with the entire family.

Head pounding, and brain not nearly even half there I woke Kelli and we were on our way to the hike to the lions head by about 9, the heat of the day was already brutal and Kelli was nearly giving up before the half way point, I nudged and encouraged until at about 6/9th’s of the way until finally she gave up and headed down right before the ladders to the top began. To her credit once she started she wasn't feeling well and still, made it most of the way. I on the other hand made it to the top and got to see the Mother City from a brand new view which excited me.

The views from Lions head.

I didn’t want Kelli Ann waiting too long in the car below so I started to race down in double time, stubbing my toes every 4th step until they were all pretty much bleeding through my sneakers. I took the short and more dangerous route down a couple times, once in order to help an older lady down, which lead to me falling on my ass and earning a big bruise on my back that later was much more of a nuisance than I needed, especially with my new running regimen.

When I got home Molly had text, just to say she thought I was lovely. I retuned the sentiment, and said I enjoyed every part of our evening start to finish. I then locked myself in my room with some food, a xanax and some water and crashed out while watching Star Wars one again, trying to finish it finally. trying to keep her out of my mind.

I woke around 1630 and called an Uber to make it over to Leelou and Brads, my friends from Zimbabwe whom I had tattooed with while in Harare the last time around the planet. They are great people, intelligent and fun, with a new child to boot. We talked and ate, drank beer and spoke mostly of politics for hours until finally I had enough and sleep was defeating me and had to make it home around 11 to wake up for my next day at work. My Uber driver got me home pretty quick, and once there I caught some leftovers from Annette’s Sunday roast and finished my writing for the day and finally cashed it in. As I lay in bed, I thought of Molly, and when it would be appropriate to call to see if we could hang out again. She was on my mind a little too much and I knew it already, my perpetual heartache was just beginning.