Old Friends and a town painted red

  Dec 9, 2016   Edmond

Location: Singapore

All this tedious writing about places and things I have seen, leave a lot to be desired. Its only after that one can make the discoveries about self, the world or mankind and the magic Im so desperately looking for. With my hair freshly trimmed I ran back to Ryans to clean up before our big night out. I was secretly hoping my old crush would come round so I made myself unusually presentable.

At the start of the night we were only about 4 deep, all my boys from Singapore came round and some I hadn’t met yet, soon enough we were about 8 people crawling from bar to pub and back. I was throwing back tequilas pretty tough and once I got word that my crush wasn’t gonna roll, I started tying em on quick. Talking to all kinds of people, being social as fuck and realized there I was again in time: Bush era again, already apologizing for the cunt who isn’t even in office yet. fuck sakes, gonna make traveling all the more dangerous, in the old days it was “fuck Bush!! Clinton good!!!” I would say I know!! Now they say, im sorry for your country, it’s the end of the United States and fucking aye if its not, the great empire is about to fall harder than poor Hephaestus from the top of Mount Olympus.

Painting the town with old friends, what a privilege.

We eventually ended up at Attica, the notorious super club, packed to the gills even on a Thursday. I broke the tequila room and was drinking bottle service vodka redbulls out of a half gallon and the night just went. We ordered the bottle and half the boys said: I gotta leave after the bottles finished. I just laughed. Even with so many boys we were all gonna be pissed by the end of this one. I had no desire for ladies, I sat back and watched the EDM throb through the night from the VIP section quite content on my friends and surroundings.

Ryan and I headed home and I said my goodbyes to the other boys. Ryan would be leaving early the next morning, I was sad to say goodbye so quickly, but so grateful to have a friend like him. Someone I can look up to, and always count on.

I woke late hungover as fuck and got myself put together and did some work booking things, writing and even did some video shit. I was in the apartment all day until about 6 when I got a call from Myles, whom I equally admire and respect as I do Ryan. They were my first two friends in Singapore, and have always treated me like a little brother. I went out to meet Myles at a bar on Arab street where I found him with friends, and had a few beers while regailing them with stories from the sea.

Myles friends bailed early and he decided to treat me to a really fancy dinner at a wine bar. It was needed actually, some fancy food, a really nice bottle of wine and fucking brilliant conversation. Before long, we were both pretty pissed and laughing about all kinds of silly stuff. We jumped in Myles murdered out Audi and drove a bit too fast for the city. He dropped me off and I thanked him, smile on my face, buzzing happy and so fulfilled to have such great friends.

I woke with a hangover like the sequal to a bad horror film. Fucking hell I thought, if my lady friend calls tonight ill have to do it one more time before my flight. I struggled to rise from my bed for a while and finally sucked it the fuck up and got going. I got a message from Myles daughter in Bejing, who informed me to check into the India cash crisis before I got there. She singled handedly saved my ass.

The Indian governement had pulled the two most circulated bills and had left everyone stuck. 2-3 hour atm lines, people unable to make change. Cash was limited to small notes. 500 and 1000 rupee notes had been completely wiped from existence. I made tracks to the closest money changer and got $400 changed which ended up being 2 giant pockets full of 100 rupee notes. I got raped on the rate, but at least ill be able to eat.

I packed up my shit, turned off my phone around 8 and just existed for a while, watched a film and got some shut eye. My flight was at 7 the next day and Sri Lanka was waiting.