A Princess in a Saints bed.

  Dec 16, 2016   Edmond

Location Mount Lavinia

I got cleaned up and had the tall glass of vodka on ice waiting for this broad. Her name was Shanjeen. The moment she got there she wouldn’t shut the fuck up, I assumed she was just nervous, we had a drink at the pool and then went up to my room to watch my secret weapon, the Purple Rain movie (you know, the Prince one). She complained that I didn’t have any wine and preceded to tell me her life story, I don’t think I said more than 3 words in the first hour.

The funny part was, she was on the run from her husband, the son of the president of the Maldives (or so she said). She explained that she was the granddaughter of the former sultan of the Maldives. She was a skinny little thing, with dark skin, her jewelry made me think maybe she was for real. Gold rings all over her fingers and a gold decorative necklace around her neck. Did I really have a fucking Maldivian Princess in my room?? To be honest the details of her story were too good to not be true the more she wouldn’t shut the fuck up the more it became evident that all this shit was for real. Her hair was long and dark, her eyes black as death and she couldn’t resist my unholy stares, with the opium in my system my eyes didn’t move from their contact and she continually looked away with a bit of a blush.

I listened for a while and nodded in boredom, until finally she was undressing and I was fucking a princess, no less a Muslim princess. A first time for both. She seemed embarrassed afterward and hit the road, which was just fine with me, I called the uber, walked her out to the car and off I went to bed, I needed my sleep, I let the dragon put me down and in true Edmond fashion I acted on my unrestrained impulse and killed the rest of that magical brown powder until I dreamt of flying in the clouds of the back of some strange creature similar to Falcor from the Never Ending Story. What wonderful sleep and all the better too, the tattoo convention was the next day.