A return to familiar

  Dec 7, 2016   Edmond

Location: Singapore

My final day in Shanghai was a bit of a waste. I spent most of the day chasing Chinese opera tickets and didn’t prevail. After spending so much energy I just called it a night and spent my Saturday in my hotel room, drank a little too much wine and crashed out.

I was up early to catch my flight, raced off to the airport and just barely made my flight. Chinese Officials took up the entire 2 hours before my flight and I made it just as they were about to call my name. they tossed every bag, my checked bags included, making me stay and guide them through all my stuff. Then I had 4 lighters confiscated and made to unpack and repack all my carry on stuff. Fucking cunts.

Finally I got on my plane and would arrive in Singapore via Korea by the end of the day. I was so excited to be going back. I lived in Singapore the last trip around for about 6 months and have some wicked old friends there that I was so excited to see. A month at sea and a couple more weeks solo and I was in need of some time with friends. When I landed they didn’t disappoint, I was picked up by a car full of 4 of my friends. Friends I met starting in 2003 and then again in 2011. I was especially excited to see my dear friend Ryan, whom in the past had done so much for me. Hugs were spread around, I was handed a beer and the boys helped me with my luggage. What joy it is to have friends.

We went straight back to Ryans new place, and the 4 of us, plus Ryan’s new wife all sat on the 62nd floor and drank and smoked weed. I found myself just sitting and listening to them. Memories kept flashing back as I was hearing all those Singlish words I had forgotten. That lasted until about 1 in the morning before we all called it a night.


The view from Ryan's joint.

The next morning Ryan took me out to the marina on the west side of the island, where I lived the last time I was here on Ryan’s boat. It was a wonderful nostalgic visit and only weeks before Ryan’s boat would be making the permanent move to Bali, I was glad I got to see her one last time in Singapore. I talked with old friends at the marina and took a wakeskating session behind Ryans ski boat. We topped off our visit with beers by the pool.

Ryan and I on his Yacht, the Carpe Diem.

He dropped me off in China Town on the way back into town and I went and saw the Buddha Tooth Relic temple which I had missed the last couple times I had been here.



The interior of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

We drank again that night and all sorted out tattoo business and I spent most of the next day tattooing everyone. My hands were shaky at first but I got right back into the groove. My muscle memory had faded quite a bit, not to mention being sore as all fuck from wakeskating for the first time in years the day before.

After our tattooing was done we went to a bar called Super Loco, and I was amazed that it probably housed one of the best tequila and mescal collections I have ever seen. I ordered a round of margaritas with the good stuff and we all sat across from the Sands at Marina Bay in the hot night air.

Ryan and his lady were gearing up to leave on Thursday, and would leave me with their place until Saturday, which left us one big night out on Wednesday. During the day I wrote and prepped all my winter stuff to ship on to Cape Town. The guy I used to work for, Jap, who owns a tattoo shop that I worked at last time around, opened a Gentleman’s barber shop on Arab Street. I figured I needed to check it out, it seemed like it was meant to be since they didn’t fade my hair high or tight enough in Hong Kong. Ill put a review of it up under endorsed.