Rock n Roll goodbyes to Cape Town

  Feb 5, 2017   Edmond

Location: mid air somewhere over the Congo

The day started late after staying up too late making drug party packets for people and attempting to begin to pack. By 0930 I was running and up to my usual routine. Molly had a birthday in the early afternoon and would be texting me after, I wasn’t really sure what that meant but thought fuck it, I could take all the drugs myself and head to town and set myself alight and make it proper rock n roll, suicide on stage, fuck the world, I was feeling extra dangerous already, it was gonna be one fuck of a night out and I knew it in my bones.

I packed up my tattoo shit with ease, finally, as my supplies were thinning. Then my clothes, cameras and computers and then decided I would dress smart for the evening. Alex volunteered to take me on the sunny day in the roadster. To make it fun and we dropped the top and raced around at 160+ KM/H while I looked for a sports jacket that wasn’t too dressed up and not some hipster jacket with patches on the elbows or some shit. After finding my jacket we went home and I took a short nap, which made all the difference in the world. I woke from a text from Molly, telling me I was handsome and that she had returned from her birthday and was going to follow into nap world and text me when she would wake. I decided to join her and went back to sleep. An hour later I woke, showered and put on some cologne so that by the time I saw her the heart chord would be out and I would be smelling like a prince.

I had been taking tramadol and Valium since I woke so I was all jazzed up to get the party started. I dressed, looked sharp said long sad goodbyes to the family and grabbed an Uber, packing my life into the tiny car and drove away with hopes that I could return very soon. In my Uber I made my way to Molly’s where I was greeted with a kiss and an extra hand carrying my stuff up to her place so we could spend the whole night together before I would have to leave at 0630 to make it to the airport a short ride away. After some long hugs and smiles and kisses I did a big line of coke on the kitchen table and lost it on the white formica counter so I mixed it with blue valium and blasted away.



Before we would paint the town bloody red, her smile says it all.

We then split ways so I could go and find Rico and Lee from the tattoo shop who had been waiting on us while she waited for two of her friends to show. I found Lee first he was super stoked to see me, already a little pissed and in a fight with his ole lady, which we ended up laughing about after I gave him his party pack to make him forget. There were 12 tins, 3 majors party tins, for Molly, Rico and myself, then 9 more for everyone else, each one contained a capsule with about a 250mg bump of cocaine, a full tab of 220mg coca-cola ecstasy and two tramadol to help with the hangover the next day.

Tiger Bomb packets for everyone, this one above had been through the hurricane and is photographed after the debauchery.

Lee and I ordered cocktails, I got a vodka martini and shortly after Rico and his recent girl showed, then Molly’s friends showed, 5 deep, including my favorite, Helen. I had already had 3 martinis and done coke in the bathroom twice. Molly was right behind the girls and we were all enjoying our cocktails. I agreed with Molly that we would all do our ecstasy together later. Which was boring so I ordered another martini, did some more cocaine, diazepam, and mixed it all with three tramadols. It pretty much set my face on fire but I had a rather radical buzz and returned to the table completely animated and telling stories and making everyone laugh. I handed Molly the rest of the tins and told her to give them to the friends of her choosing for a good night out, it was really worth the smiles and having so many of her friends in one place. The cost of all of it was worth the smile on Molly’s face alone. Then the girls outvoted the boys and we were off to the dance club on front street.

Eventually we took the coca-cola, I took my large 3rd of a piil to match Molly and in 20 minutes the whole club we landed at was sideways and I was sliding down onto the deck overlooking long street on a Saturday and doing more coke and drinking horrible Gin and Tonics by this point and completely spaced the fuck out but somehow still having intelligent conversations with people all over.

Eventually we had all the ecstasy in our systems and were dancing like crazy to this wicked synth-guitar DJ with a crazy mask on and light up clothing from the future.

I got so sideways at one point I asked Molly if she had any blow left from her bag, she didn’t, but gave me a cocaine pill someone didn’t take, that sobered me up just as Rico was leaving and buying me tequila shots. We hugged it out and he said about a hundred times, same as I did, that we were brothers and that we loved each other, I told him to not fuck around and come to Virginia, and then, Rico was gone. After more dancing and blurry details Molly and I were outside waiting for an Uber and on our way home.

Molly was pretty blown on the ecstasy, we jumped in the shower together right when we got home and then it was just cuddles for like and hour and forty five minutes, full naked and I just lay there stroking her hair and skin while she pressed up harder against me to be closer to me. We weren’t talking about it, but I was leaving in only a matter of hours and our bodies were telling the story. I told her I adored her at least a million times fueled by the E making me say everything that comes into my head, along with a zillion other things I probably shouldn’t have. Molly, keeping her usual cool, would just press against me a bit harder.

Molly’s skin was super sensitive and just by a general rule it’s difficult as fuck to make either sex reach orgasm when bombed the fuck out rolling like stones. At first that was the plan to just lay there, until I realized I might not see her for a year, or ever, she might have a girlfriend next time or worse a boyfriend? My hands made their way to her vagina and started slowly like usual, and then things changed, she got really hot, turned on all fours for the first time in our sexual adventures and asked me to fuck her really hard. My cock was hard as it could be and the sex instantly became primal fucking savagery. She was pushing hard and grinding in circles while I was deep inside her between pounding away hoping to fuck she could cum. I couldn’t leave her without an orgasm after we started so we just kept going and she got louder and louder, gripping at the pillows and making noises she hadn’t made before which was driving me wild, until she slightly turned to her side and I could see her face, half concealed by her hair, aqua green streak contrasting the black I could see her mouth open and close and unable to make any sounds, she must be close, her rhythm was off and I pulled her tighter to me, and as she found her orgasm I could feel it shake all the way through her body, she couldn’t breathe for a minute immediately after, I was watching her face, it was magical, I could tell she came hard a fuck and she just smiled the biggest smile. Then immediately collapsed and after a few minutes had my dick in her mouth, giving me a world class blow job, I asked for teeth because I was that fucked up and was hoping to come from something weird. Finally I straddled her and jerked myself off while she begged for my come to be in her hair and all over her face while twisting my balls hard and making them hurt and making me hot as fuck. She started to moan, her back arched and she kept putting the head of my cock into her mouth. I started jerking off faster and faster, knowing it was going to take a miracle for me to come, I wanted to so bad, then Molly must have sensed that thought and moaned loud as fuck. My weakness when it comes to sex and I ejaculated all over her while she caught my cum in her mouth and grabbed me, pulled me close and sucked the rest out of me until I fell backwards away from her and just laid there kind of twitchy. She climbed on top of me, cum still all over her face, chest and hair and kissed me, hard and long before we both cleaned ourselves up.

We crawled back in bed to cuddle again. 15 perfect quiet minutes of stroking skin and pressing our bodies so close we could feel each others bones, then it happened, my first alarm went off and both of us sighed deeply knowing that we only had 45 minutes to get me dressed, my luggage outside the gate of her building and to say a meaningful good bye. I just said fuck it and waited for the second alarm, pulling her even tighter to me. Telling her I adored her, she repeated it back and I felt that spark, that Tesla lightning bolt.

I talk about falling in love with foreign beauties, perpetual heartache while I travel from place to place and finding fractions of true love in the women I have in my bed. But Molly wasn’t like any of those ladies, this woman was something entirely different, there was no fraction of love there, it was the whole fucking thing. Maybe because she was slightly masculine yet feminine in the sexiest way, maybe it was because she usually dated women. Maybe it was because in the short time I was there I made a nihilist believe in Edmond’s magic, even if it was just a tiny shred of belief, but that’s all you need after all. I don’t know, she was smarter than me, smart enough and dark enough to make me laugh and that was my biggest turn on other then her world class smile that could melt an ice in the dead of winter in Siberia. Not to mention she could fuck me until my cock bruised. Molly was nothing short of the most marvelous creature in I had come across in my travels, the most wonderful lady I had met since my big break up at that point more than 2 and a half years ago.

The third alarm went off and we both sprung out of bed, knowing that it was go time. I put on my smart dress, did 3 lines of tramadol two lines of diazepam and started a giant redbull. I tied my tie, stuffed a few things in my bags until they overflowed and Molly put on her sexy Japanese robe and unlocked the door, then the iron gate in front of the door. I put my luggage just beyond the door, she offered to help me carry it down, Underwearless in this tiny little silk robe. I told her I would manage. We kissed a few times, the kisses were much different Saturday and that Sunday morning, you could tell they meant so much more to both of us, they had a tenderness to them, a soft, I don’t want to let you go kind of touch to them. Honestly more than once I thought about aiming for a proper overdose that night, so I could stay in hospital in South Africa just to spend more time with her. It would also be amazing to have a hospital bracelet photo for the blog, if that’s not proof of rock n roll travel I don’t know what the fuck is.

Our kisses ended and I kissed her cheek and whispered how special she was to me and that all the mad things I had said were true and I really did adore her. She looked at the floor, I asked what was wrong she replied “I’m sad” I think that’s the first time she expressed her feelings to me about us. It was a very mixed emotions moment for me. One more kiss and I was lugging my stuff down the stairs. The main gate opened as Molly pressed the remote from the second floor. I put my stuff on the curb, lit up a smoke and drank a few sips of redbull. I let nearly 2 minutes go by without looking back to see if she was there, in my head that would prove something to me, I am still not quite sure what, I was high and on no sleep. But I turned, and there she stood, waiting for me to turn around, just looking at me, content. Our eyes locked from the distance and in the early morning light of Sunday, all kinds of feelings and drugs rushing through me. I yelled I adore everything about you and blew her a kiss. She looked sad, evidence that what i was feeling was shared by this perfect creature i had found and re-found in the chaos of my life. She blew me kisses back and I told her to go inside before she caught cold. As she shut her door a tear ran down my face, sometimes this ridiculous life I've made really hurts.

A moment later my Uber showed up and I was off to the airport I got there early to eat at the lounge, I had upgraded to business class and the food was pretty lame, but the wifi worked and they actually had their own smoking lounge inside the lounge which was awesome. I bought some duty free smokes after security and no troubles with my tattoo machines, then back at the lounge folded my jacket to put in my duty free bag when a small bag of coke fell out of the pocket. Holy Fuck! I just laughed out loud and went to the swanky as fuck marble pristine clean bathrooms and did coke, tramadol and diazepam all at once and then sucked the bag dry. First class lounge gangsta.