The Triumphant return of the Dragon

  Dec 15, 2016   Edmond

Location: Unawatuna, Sri Lanka.

We stopped at a temple on the way home, it had a 200 foot Buddha there and Elelphants chained in the front of the temple which made me sad. I hate to see animals in cages, it makes me think of how many ways I would want to commit suicide if it was me.

the great thing about this temple is that Asela, whom I had grown to like, he was a quiet young man, in his twenties, full of smiles with long black hair and dark eyes who frequently encouraged me to explore and try new things. After I asked some questions about Buddhism he actually took a moment and taught me how to pray, or at least how to conduct myself within the temple. He did teach me to put my hands in prayer position and say a few words that Ive now forgotten.

We drove in the van that I paid a small fortune for all of us to get to Yala and drove for a few more hours before splitting ways, I was excited, I had a lot to write down at that point. I said goodbye to the boys and checked into my beach side hotel in Unawatuna; a small beach town just south of Galle on the west coast, once settled I wrote, sucking down cigarettes and a lion beer until I felt I had caught up writing just enough to forget the unimportant details until later. I tossed my shoes in my room and made my way for a nice sun at its zenith stroll down the beach to find a place to catch some rays and another beer.

I cooked in the sun for a bit before being approached by this guy who called himself Chris. He offered me the usual, hash, marijuana, then cocaine. Having had a few beers and against my better judgement I asked if he could find some opium. He said yes. At that moment another man came up, shady looking and said he would go and get it right now. I told him I had already agreed to buy from Chris and I was sorry. The shady character talked with Chris for a little while before saying ok “I’m going to get it” and he split. I was confused. Moments later Chris said fuck that guy, I don’t trust him and he said lets go and get it now. I was hesitant, worried it was a set up and I was going to be sold to the cops for trying to buys drugs, which carried a heavy penalty, I think over a gram would mean life in prison or death.

We negotiated the price, at first it was 25,000 rupee, when I told him to go fuck himself we agreed at 15,000 (about $100USD) which, considering opium is a pain in the balls to find I thought was fair. So off we went. I was barefoot as Chris and his tuk tuk driver walked me through the dirty streets, avoiding glass and god knows what else. We made a quick stop and Chris bought me the strong lion beer, 5.5% alcohol and handed it to me. We drove deep into the outskirts of town for a little over 30 minutes, down dark alleyways, poorly lit streets and passing cops here and there. It was a pretty anxiety inducing experience.

We arrived in a residential neighborhood and without slowing the tuk tuk a quick handoff on the street from Chris to an old man outside a house we scored and we drove in the completely opposite direction passed my hotel, though town until we arrived on some steep dirt roads near a temple high above the Indian ocean. We walked through the woods until we found a giant rock with a view of the ocean, where myself, the dealer Chris, his friend sam and the tuk tuk driver smoked opium off of a small piece of foil and a straw until I was completely sideways. I strongly believe in drug etiquette and was happy to spread the dragon around when we got to the last little bit, chris handed it to me and said you save this and get a good nights sleep.


I was pretty loaded after the beers and sharing a gram of opium. But god it was good to be high again. After we had depleted the supply Chris took me to his home not too far from the rock where we had smoked. I was introduced to his child and wife, again remembering that im loaded as all fuck. She made me a cup of tea and smiled her big Sri Lankan smile. So high, barefoot, half drunk as happy as the clams following the walrus and the carpenter to their slaughter, I stumbled my way back to the tuk tuk where they dropped me off at my hotel and I sidestepped to my room and wrote for while until the tender arms of the dragon lulled me into that almost sexual blissful sleep where I dreamt of women with their hands all over me 5 or 6 of them, floating in anti-gravity until they morphed and had snakes bodies and suddenly I was part of this gnarly and wonderful snake orgy.