Compression bags and the magic of fitting too much shit into one bag.

  Jan 29, 2017   Edmond

You can pack your shit in cubes these days, you can roll each item carefully and tuck each piece of clothing into all the tiny nooks and crannies of your luggage. You can just recklessly toss it all in and hope for the best, you can take enough clothing for one week and probably be better than the rest. But for most of us, a viariety of clothing is a necessity. Especially for extended periods on the road, especially when you’re going to be spanning hemispheres and crossing back and forth between the heat of summer and the icy unforgiving cold of winter...and winter is coming. I have personally packed in every way you can imagine and the first rule of packing, is take everything you think you need and then remove half. I have been using compression bags for the last few years. Id say 99% are cheaply made from thin plastic that will last you until you have to repack for the first time. I found the Eagle Creek Compression bags and so far they are much more robust and capable of handling the brutality that I put all my traveling equipment through. The plastic is much thicker than most compression bags, and they use the same technology, you pack it, roll it and the excess air releases through the bottom of the bag. The difference is the nylon rip-stop grid that is worked into the exterior of the bag design. I have been using them for 9 months now, and they have survived (which is a miracle compared to pretty much everything else I travel with). They are a little spendy, but definitely worth the money since they’ll last twice as long, longer even if you don’t try and pack with ten minutes until your flight like I do in a furious madness.