​​The Danny Archer Hustle​

  Feb 2, 2017   Edmond

A line of dialog from the wonderful Mr. DiCaprio from the film “Blood Diamond” gave me the idea for the Danny Archer Hustle. In the film, while being confronted for crossing into Liberia under suspicion of smuggling, the line goes like this:

“Danny Archer, National Geographic. I've got a letter from the Minister of Interior, and a Liberian visa as well. I'm doing a story on the "Maraquez"

[takes out smokes and offers one to the officer] Have you heard of National Geographic?”

I used a similar trick in my youth while working at the print shop, making cards for a fake experimental magazine to score a fake interview with one of my favorite bands Mr. Bungle. With that though somewhere lost in the recesses of my mind, lightning strikes ole Edmond like Zeus had thrown it himself, business cards. Little 3.5x2 inch magical pieces of paper that could instantly offer me a lift in this cursed society that could potentially get me out of trouble when I find it. So I called up my nearest and dearest friend in design and asked for the exact replicas of a handful of cards I thought might get me out of cuffs, through borders and impress whomever it might be that was trying to cause me grief.

It is nearly impossible to match the paper stock on the cards unless you can actually get your hands on one, so I usually just run with the best quality, depending on the institution I happen to be impersonating. The key here is flawless, high quality design, vector images of logos and nothing less or you’ll be called the fuck out and therefore in more trouble than when you started but that is just the risk you take, frying pan or fire.

I have used them to get photos of things no one is aloud to photograph; I have crossed a border without Visas, albeit a short crossing, and even managed to wriggle my way out of those nasty plastic-cuffs.

Anyway, that is the Danny Archer Hustle, use with caution and double check your spelling, that your logos are current and most importantly: when you pull them out, be the person on that card, not just the imposter. Confidence is always the key.